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Your Feedback

"Our seed arrived in PERFECT condition- Thank you & Aloha for now!" Lucy D. of Hawaii, USA
"I am a professional gardener...Your seeds were a) reasonably priced, and b) addressed my clients' needs with variety and distinction. I ordered almost every Rappini you offered, and those seeds arrived in a very timely manner. Thank you, thank you, thank you..." Linda W of Colorado
"I have a pleasant dilemma that centers around the tomato seeds I ordered...They are now 48" to 56" high and could almost support my weight if I decided to climb them...The zucchini seeds I ordered turned into plants that are the size of a Volkswagen Beetle. The fruit is excellent!" Bill G. of New York
"Please add me to your catalogue mailing list. I purchased some Bavicchi seeds in the town in which I used to live and am unable to find them in a retail store where I live now..." John V. of Oregon
"Love your products, given to me by a I want my own catalog!" Susan L. of Massachusets
"...Thanks for the great service!!" Larry D. of Pennsylvania
"Dear Sirs: Loved your seeds, they produced well!" Beverley F. of New York
(the following customer ordered the BHP01 Mini Greenhouses) "Thank you. Products arrived in great shape. I must say that these are the most amazing and innovative product I have seen in years!!!!! Many thanks for bringing brilliance to the world and not just keeping it hidden away. Cheers" Chris of Sydney, Australia
"This spring I planted lettuce, Arugula, Pepper and Tomato seeds that I received from your company. I have been very pleased with the results, especially the lettuce. The Tomatoes and peppers are just starting to bear. The seed packets are very large, I have enough seed left to plant a fall garden." Bill K. of Missouri
"Recently I placed and received an order of seed from your company. They were packaged perfectly and I have had 100% growth success. The "touch me nots" are beautiful! Thank You." Pamela, July 2008
"I am very pleased with your service. The seeds arrived promptly and I was surprised with the amount of seeds in each packages. I am buying the seeds for my farmer friends to plant for our Community market/farmer market for next year. I am also a member of the Master Gardeners in my hometown and will spread the words about your wonderful company." Mantana & Gus, November 2008
"Last year I...tried your seeds for the first time. I was so impressed, esp. with the Bean di Spagna. I have not found any other company who sells them. Huge!! vines and beans! Italian veggies are a hit at the farmers' market. Great germination and growth. Thanks." Bobbie, January 2009
"You can't buy basil or arugula like this anywhere. Best seed stock available. If you are investing the time to grow your own Italian plants, may as well use the best. Highly recommend this seller...Calvin, May 2009"
"I purchased the Fagiolo Nano Vittoria bean seed from you this year and am pleased to report it was the first variety up and has produced pods ahead of all the other varieties seeded in my garden. I expect to grow more of these beans next year...Jay, July 2009"
"I ordered seed from your company, the seeds were great. I have winter plants, lettuce, spinach, etc., and all are doing good or great. My artichoke seeds are all coming up. Thank you so much. I'm glad I found your company and I will pass you to others to use. Thanks!, November 2009"
"I just placed an order for Lamb's Lettuce. My wife is German and told me about what she called "feld salat" that she remembered as a child in Germany and showed it to me when we were there on a visit. It is a delicious addition to any salad or on its own. I only knew it by the name "feld salat." I have never seen it here until a cooking show I was watching today mentioned "mache" and showed a picture of it and called it Lamb's Lettuce or "Field Salad" (feld salat). She was so happy to see it was available in the states. In searching the internet for it I found only a few suppliers. Your website seemed the most sincere, and less expensive! Thank you for making my wife happy and bringing back a childhood memory....J, November 2009"
"Great online catalog. You had every Italian seed I was looking for plus many more that I hope to grow in the future...Timothy, March 2010"
"This was a great experience. The seeds came fast and they are seeds I have not been able to find elsewhere. Thank you so much...Edwina, March 2010"
"I just want to thank you. I just placed my first order with you and your service was so timely. I see it's already being shipped today. So thanks for that! I'm very excited to get my seeds as I used to live in Italy and feel like I'll be sprouting my favorite Italian vegetables! Look forward to getting them...Annie, May 2010"
"Easy shopping, quick delivery seemed the package of seeds was larger than I expected. Cool beans. I'll be back...Michael, August 2010"
"I am very pleased with the seed I ordered from you...Roy, October 2010"
"I am flabbergasted. Not only are your Archman Italian tools superior to cheap Oriental junk tools, but today rec'd some of your Bavicchi seeds and each packet contains SIX TIMES the quantity of seeds in a packet from any of the domestic seed companies, FOR JUST $2.69! You should advertise that the packets are so generous. Also, you have my favorite salad green, chicory (Pan di Zucchero et al) which is unknown in the US. Easy to grow & stores for months after harvest. If anyone wants to introduce chicory to Americans, I will help with info & photos. Also, the Archman soil knife/trowel looks like the tool everyone should have, the first trowel that will never bend...Mike, December 2010"
"This is my first experience with the company. I am thrilled and cannot wait to order more seeds in the future. The seeds arrived much sooner than I expected. They are a gift for my dad and he will be thrilled to see they are actually seeds from his homeland! Thank you...Marisa, December 2011"
"Please be advised complete order arrived earlier than expected and I am very satisfied. Look forward to planting and summer harvest...RW, Jan 2012"
"Both orders have arrived in great condition, can't wait to plant them. Thank you for the quick service and also for the refund of the shipping on the second order. You people rock!...Ernest, Jan 2012"
"Yes, I received all the seeds that I ordered, they came very promptly, and in wonderful condition.
This was One of the Best Online shopping experiences I've had in a while. It was a pleasure doing business with you, hope that you will be around for next season...Lori, April 2012"
"I want to thank you for receiving my order in such a timely fashion. Also the seeds I got germinated immediately and have sprouted into beautiful plants. I am so happy to be growing true line Italian products as being an Italian this means the world to me. I will recommend these seeds to everyone I know sho grows. Thank you so very much...W, May 2012"
"Received my seeds in super fast time, 99.9 percent germination rate (Artichoke), could not be more pleased, you are my go to seed company from now on, thanks...Bud, October 2012"
"...wanted you to know that this is my first time ordering from you and I will DEFINITELY order from you again. I can't believe the quantity of the products you have and the shipping was GREAT!!! I never expected to get the order so quickly!!! So glad I found your site...Emma, November 2012"
"How pleased I am with my purchases of seeds. I originally ordered some for my grandaughter who is a vegan and needed some protein in her diet. I decided to try some for myself since my health isn't ideal. I have already tried the Mung Beans and they are super ! They are great in salads, and omlets. I am now sprouting broccoli seeds, I hope they are as tasty as Mung. It is soooo easy and fast to get some nutrition sitting on the windowsill ready to be plopped into my food. I appreciate that all of them are the same price; and delivery is fast and complete. I should have done this long ago. Thanks, Marie, April 2013"
"My order arrived sooner than expected,and are planted, awaiting for the sprouts to emerge.. Thanks for the product quality,and service...Vincent,August 2013"
"I was very pleased with the seeds and the quickness of their delivery. I am so very happy that you carry the Romanesco Zucchini seeds and at a very reasonable price. Also you did not gouge me on shipping charges like the big seed companies do. I will be doing business with you again. My sincere thanks...Lorna, August 2013"
"I have been ordering my seeds from Italian Seed and Tool Company for several years. I have never had any issues and I am a very satisfied customer...Tony, Nov 2013"
"I never had anything that I ordered come so quickly before! I barely clicked "order" and they were in my mailbox! The seeds I grew last year produced extremely well, and I probably didn't need to order new ones for this season, but I value being able to get fresh seeds for the Italian produce I love...Alexandra, Jan 2014"
"Super fast delivery and service. The seeds are in the ground, and I'm one happy customer. Thanks...Ron, Jan 2014"
"I received my package today. These are for my Father-In-Law's 87th birthday this weekend and he is from the generation that finds themselves too cheap to pay a shipping charge just on principle, so he wouldn't order the seeds online to make sure that we had more of these luscious mini-melons this season! Thank you for the above-average customer service and the super fast response and shipping. I look forward to the fruits of his labor this summer!...Shannon, Mar 2014"
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